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22 November 2023
Dynamiczny rynek to konieczność ciągłych zmian i optymalizacji. Szansa dla małych firm.

Small businesses in a market of great opportunity: How passion and innovation surpass corporate power

In the context of a rapidly changing market, the question often arises as to whether large corporations have an advantage over smaller companies. On the surface, it would appear that larger companies, with their extensive resources, extensive customer base and significant capital, are better placed to succeed in the marketplace. However, smaller businesses have their own unique strengths, such as greater commitment, innovation and flexibility in decision-making.

This is exemplified by my own experience in 2010, when I first attended the Spielwaren Messe toy fair in Nuremberg, the largest industry trade fair in the world. My goal was to become a distributor for the Plan Toys brand, despite the scepticism of an experienced industry colleague who thought my company was too small to enter into such a partnership. However, my commitment and passion for the brand resulted in success - within a few months I received my first ordered container of Plan Toys products, which became a significant event for my company.

It is worth considering why, when it comes to distributing niche brands, smaller companies often prove more successful. One reason may be that for large corporations, sales of a niche brand represent only a small percentage of their overall turnover, which translates into limited exposure. In a smaller company, such a brand may be a key part of the offering, resulting in a greater commitment of time and resources to its promotion and development.

Additionally, product promotion strategies vary depending on the distribution channel. Different methods are used for retail chains than for small boutique shops. Not every product is suitable for promotion on billboards or television, and smaller companies often have a better understanding of the needs and expectations of their niche target group.

In conclusion, smaller businesses should not be afraid to compete with large corporations. Their unique characteristics, such as personal commitment, ability to innovate and flexibility, among others, can be the key to success in specific market segments.

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