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Smartoys Sp. Jawna - the company was established in 2014.

At the end of March 2024, I decided to close the warehouse and 3 online shops:  

Drewniaczek.eu (founded year 2007), Wielorazowepieluszki.pl (2016) Ekomaluch.pl (2008r, sold 31.03.2024). 

However, the company still exists and I can still bring you toys from Goki, Plan Toys, Melissa&Doug and many others.

Feel free to contact me:

mb@smartoys.pl, tel. 697 993 960

I've been running a children's business since 2007, so over 17 years I've gained a lot of experience in this field, as well as in the wider e-commerce, import and distribution business. If you have any interesting business ideas - feel free to contact me, I am open to new ideas. :-)

Best regards

Maria Braun

Company details:

Smartoys Sp. Jawna

VAT PL9512383581, KRS 0001070508


ul. Złota 11
00-123 Warszawa



+ 48 697 993 960


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